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Learn what to do and what to avoid if you are arrested for DUI in Georgia.

Three biggest mistakes to avoid

This is not something you should put off, or you'll lose more than you might think!

What to expect in your first court setting

A few simple tips will go a long way to getting your best possible outcome.

Typical DUI case issues

Make sure you understand the basics of your case so you aren't caught off guard in any scenario.

Five questions to ask your lawyer

These questions will help you determine if you have the right representation for you.

What To Do Immediately If Arrested for DUI Book cover

Did you know you can lose your license within 10 days of arrest?

About Kelly W. Case

Former Judge Kelly W. Case

Former Judge of the 9th Judicial District Court in Montgomery, TX

Over 1,000 jury trials in the last two decades

American Jurisprudence Award winner in torts

Tulane University School of Law Graduate

Governor-appointed to train judges in Texas

DWI Curriculum Committee for the Texas Center for the Judiciary

DUI Lawyer
Criminal Lawyer

Kelly W. Case is back with his newest book that will help you navigate the complexities of your DUI case. Serving as a prosecutor, private attorney and finally as Judge of the 9th Judicial District Court, former Judge Case wants you to know what to do and what to avoid if you are arrested for DUI.

Recognized as a blood expert, former Governor Rick Perry of Texas appointed him to the DWI Curriculum Committee for the Texas Center for the Judiciary in order for him to bring his vast expertise in the science behind blood testing to assist the training of judges in Texas. Kelly has the knowledge and expertise to handle the complexities of a DUI case - one of the most technically difficult types of cases because of the breadth and depth of knowledge required to win these cases.

After returning to private practice in 2016 and living in the Atlanta, Georgia area, he is ready to help you with your DUI case by giving you the information you need to get the best possible outcome. Serving as your own DUI lawyer can be very difficult. Kelly W. Case knows how to help. Click the button below to order your FREE copy!

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